Home Short Film

Animation - C4D
Home is an animated short film which follows the protagonist’s nightly trip back to The Comfortable Place.


The aesthetics of Home borrows from the works of German Expressionist films. Sparsely lit scenes guide the narrative, while stark shadows permits the mind to explore voids beyond the frame. In this visual expression, lighting exists primarily for the geometry’s benefit, and helps to define the shifting scales presented throughout the narrative.
Our protagonist, a featureless figure, follows a predetermined path on its nightly route home. Along this path, we follow its unhurried gait as it passes through spaces both abstracted and perceived.

We do not know the amount of times this figure had walked through the same threshold, and the amount of times it had stared upon the same floor. Nor do we know anything about the unbothered features it carries, and if they result from a lifetime of worry or a lifetime of indifference.
The Yellow Everything, persistent and intensified throughout the scenes, consumes all near the end of this journey. Upon this final scene, our protagonist finds itself amongst others that bear its likeness. Unconscious selves, sprawled throughout, unconcerned and unbothered.

The Yellow Everything fades to black.
Home Short was part of Digital Dialects, taught by Faiyaz Jafri