Courtyard House

Spatial Design
Courtyard House is a speculative design for a private residence whose spaces are organized around a central courtyard.


Courtyard House contains the usual fixings of a two bedroom house, arranged around a courtyard. Its proportions are exaggerated to accommodate a sizable outdoor space within its walls.

Its entrance is marked by a set of metal doors, finished in beige to reflect the grass of the rolling grasslands surrounding the residence.

On the inside, there exists an interior corridor circling the outdoor space. Along it, are the public and private spaces of the residence.
The corridor wraps freely around the courtyard
On the exterior of the residence, the roof spans considerably to provide shade and to accentuate the flat expansiveness of the plan. On the interior of the residence, the expanse of the roof forms a loggia surrounding the courtyard.

Life here is imagined to be a pleasant one, sitting amongst shade, taking in the sights, and catching summer breezes.
Adorning the entire perimeter of the courtyard are sliding doors — three panes that gather neatly when fully opened. As a result, the connection to the exterior is emphasized through uninterrupted access, extending its use out onto the loggia.